Alester Leong | Director | Composer | Arranger 

A passionate and highly driven individual who aims to scale the highest peaks of music creation. He has a unique disposition which comes to life in his musical compositions. Drawing inspiration from all aspects of life, accompanied by his extensive experience in Guitar, he composes frequently, with a firm belief that creativity must always be exercised.

His originality also transcends into his ability to secure significant projects and pitch original ideas. As the Director of the studio, he works hard to ensure that every client experiences only the very best that the studio can offer, whilst making sure that every member of his team is able to reach the highest peaks of their potential.

Ng Chien Chien | Performer 

As a highly talented and sought-after singer, Chien's musical career has its roots in her childhood years. Music has always been an essential part of her life and this translates into her passion for performing. She has been performing professionally since 2007 and has never limited herself to a single genre of music. Choosing rather to always be open to new styles and ideas, this has led her to become the versatile singer she is today.

She views music as an outpouring of emotion; a form of self-expression that goes beyond just technique. Herself possessing a high level of singing skill and technique, it is still her pure expressiveness that comes to the forefront above all else.  She is proficient in singing in multiple languages, with Chinese, English, and Malay being the main languages she has performed in. She is not just limited to these languages however, having sung songs in Korean, Japanese, and even Hindi.