Our Artistes

Chien . Gale



With more than twelve years of experience performing professionally, Chien is the most in demand artist with the studio. 
Gifted with a beautiful voice and the talent to capture the hearts of her audience, Chien delivers a performance like no other.
She has a wide repertoire of songs ranging from English, Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia / Indonesia to Korean, Japanese, French and Spanish.
Chien is currently releasing her new single and is working towards a five song E.P. soon.

Nicole. K

Nicole is our latest and arguably the most talented addition to our team.
We were blown away the moment she sang for her audition and we knew instantly that she is the one.
Her voice is one that soothes, that cares and that we believe everyone can enjoy.
With 7 years of experience and a local competition winning, Nicole has so much to offer and we want to share that with you.


Belle . B


Belle, with her joyous presence and radiating smile
makes any occasion a welcoming one.
A seasoned vocalist who started singing at the age of 6, and
has since joined multiple singing competitions and performed
on various occasions.
Her most notable achievements are the 2016- The 3rd Hong Kong International Music Festival Singing category(3rd runner up) and 2017- The Voice SgMy Global Top 100 where she was featured on a show with the likes of Gary Chow, Della Ding Dang & Sky Wu.

Dell. L

The saying "listen to your heart" can very well describe our dear Mr. Lawrence.
Leaving his previous job as a teacher to become a full-time vocal coach and performing artist is such an inspiration. We've worked with Dell over a span of a few years now and our clients have nothing but compliments for every time he performs.
Whenever Dell performs, he pours his soul and every bit of energy into his performance; and that makes him so much more than just a performer.


Vocal Coach

Ivan . L


Ivan is truly a talented musician, but more so a great learner, a high achiever and has an amazing sense for music.
He began working professionally as a singer / musician since the year 2011 and has performed for a multitude of occasions. In 2017, he began performing internationally; mainly in Asia and has returned to Kuching in 2020 due to the virus outbreak.
Currently working with MStudios, he is actively involved with Music Production as a Producer & Arranger while also doing what he does best; serenading the people with his beautiful music.

Music Producer